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    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices
    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices
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    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices

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    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices
    Since our company was established in 1981, we have been consistently developing dispensers with liquid discharge technology. Especially to meet the technical improvement needs of our customers, we have developed the micro-dispensers for ultra-micro discharge of low-viscosity liquids [instant adhesives (instant glues=cyanoacrylates),UVadhesives, magnetic fluids,anaerobic adhesives,fluxes,oil,inks,solvents,paints,primer,etc.],which cannot be discharged with the air transfer system. With the development of the micro-dispensers, we have been making better showings in supplying our products, enjoying favorable reception from the users in various fields.Our dispensers are widely utilized in many industries;In the dispensing process of assembling such as FDD,Magnetic heads,Motors for HDD,Micro-motor,Bearing fixing,VTRs,cameras(Digital camera),Caluculators,Sencors,portable telephone ETC.In the future, we will also do our best to develop dispensers suitable for any kind of liquid. Through this home page, we introduce our newest and unique products. We are currently seeking a European agent to handle our products.
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