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    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices
    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices
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    Dispensers & Dosing devices/Product Guide
    Dispensers & Dosing devices/Information
    MECT CORPORATION/Dispensers & Dosing devices

    Product Guide Dispensers (Dosing devices)

      Peristyle Tubing Dispensers(Dosing devices)
    The MECT LINE of Dispensers are specifically designed for dispensing micro volumes of low viscosity liguids. These tubing type dispensers encountes none of the syringe is used and no pouring required. Tubing dispensers require none of the replacement maintenance that syringe systyem does. Only teflon tube.
    It can handle liquide such as instant adhesives magnetic pluid,UV bonds, anoerobic bonds,fluxes,solvents,oils,inks,paints and water.
    MD-91 Dispensers (Dosing devices) ♦MD-91 Dispensers (Dosing devices)
    Built-in digital timers for higher Peformance & accuracy.
    MD-401C Dispensers (Dosing devices) ♦MD-401C Dispensers (Dosing devices)
    High grade disperser with tricking pevention upgrade.
    MD-999 Dispensers (Dosing devices) ♦MD-999 Dispensers (Dosing devices)
    MECT is lesding industrial dispenser manufactures with the MD-999. The first ultra micro volume dispenser developed for industrial purposes.

    One drop :0.008μl
    Steady flow :0.03μl/min

      Air pressure type Dispensers(Dosing devices)
    This dispensers can dispense high-viscosity liquids such as solder cream,gold,silver, copper pastes,conductive pastes,epoxy adhesives,UV bonds,grease,etc.
    MAP-960 Dispensers (Dosing devices) ♦MAP-960 Dispensers (Dosing devices)
    Smallest in the world. Low price.
    MAP-922 Dispensers (Dosing devices) ♦MAP-922 Dispensers (Dosing devices)
    High grade Air pressure type dispenser.